Airport Master Plan


Airport Master Plan


An Airport Master Plan is a long-range planning document used to review existing conditions and prepare forecasts that will define future aviation and non-aviation needs of the community and the Airport. These needs guide the master plan process and are the basis for determining the appropriate role for the Airport and future Airport development.

The Airport Layout Plan (ALP) is a component of the Airport Master Plan. The ALP is a visual conceptual development plan that identifies improvements needed to address any design deficiencies, growth in aviation demand levels as well as changing conditions and circumstances at the airport. The ALP is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. All proposed future developments will undergo thorough state and federal environmental review as required by law.

2021 Master Plan Update

The Olympia Regional Airport began the process of updating the Airport Master Plan in the Spring of 2021. A Master Plan Update (MPU) is a planning tool utilized by the Airport, the Port, and the FAA to understand the current and future needs of the Airport based on the current and forecasted aviation demand. An MPU is a comprehensive study of an airport and usually describes the short-, medium-, and long-term development plans to meet future aviation demand.  The 2021 Airport Master Plan Update project is being managed by the Port’s consulting firm, The Aviation Planning Group.

The study is 100% funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and follows FAA Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans. The planning period for such an update is 20 years, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends that the Olympia Regional Airport Master Plan be updated every 10 years. An airport master plan is an important tool in determining an airport’s current and future development needs. The most recent Master Plan Update for the Airport was completed in 2013.

The public outreach and engagement opportunities, as well as the project documents, will be provided below throughout the project.

The Airport Master Plan Update is not associated with WSDOT’s Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (CACC). Questions regarding the CACC should be directed directly to WSDOT.

Public Outreach

While the Airport MPU process is driven by the FAA standards and grant assurances, the Project Team will inform and consult the public in accordance with the IAP2 Spectrum.  The Project Team will use a variety of public engagement tools throughout the course of the study.

  1. Study webpage with study documents, FAQs and information.
  2. Formation of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of Airport stakeholders to provide technical guidance throughout the MPU process.  The TAC will meet three times and all meetings will be open to the public.
  3. Three Public Open Houses where the public can learn about the study and ask questions of the Project Team.
  4. Study electronic mailing list.

How do I engage?

Members of the public can engage in the Airport Master Plan Update process in several ways.

Past Meetings:

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #1 – May 20, 2021
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #2 – July 15, 2021
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #3 – December 16, 2021
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #4 – March 10, 2022

Public Open House #1 – September 27, 2021
Public Open House #2 – February 17, 2022
Public Open House #3 – May 26, 2022
Public Open House #4 – October 12, 2022


2021 Airport Master Plan Update Project Documents

Project documents will be posted here as they are developed.

2013 Airport Master Plan Update

The 2013 Airport Master Plan documents and Airport Layout Plan drawing are available below.