Olympia Regional Airport

2021 Airport Master Plan Update
Ballfields at the Airport

A Conversation with the Airport Manager.

The community was recently invited to a conversation with the Airport Manager on January 18, 2023 to ask and get answers about the Olympia Regional Airport.  See the meeting announcement.


Olympia Regional Airport is a general aviation public airport offering aircraft service and maintenance operations, flight instruction, hangars and tie down space, state and corporate aviation facilities, and land and buildings available for lease for aviation related use.

Passenger Airline / Charter Service

The Olympia Regional Airport does not have commercial passenger airline service.  The closest airports with passenger service are Seattle (SEA) and Portland (PDX).

Charter flight services are now offered through Safety in Motion Flight Center, located at the Olympia Regional Airport.  For information about their charter services, call 253-840-5758, or visit their website at https://www.safetyinmotion.aero/charter-services/#charter.

Airport Statistics

Longest Runway – 5,501 feet

Number of Active Runways – 2

Number of Based Aircraft – 142 (2020)


Learn to Fly

There are three flight schools currently operating at the Olympia Regional Airport.  Contact each of them to learn about their pilot training programs.


Aviation activity at Olympia includes:

  • Aerial photography
  • Air ambulance
  • Air Taxi / Charter Service
  • Aircraft maintenance, Avionics
  • Department of Natural Resources aerial firefighting
  • Fixed wing and helicopter flight instruction 
  • Olympic Flight Museum
  • Tourism
  • Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife enforcement and wildlife restoration programs
  • Washington State Patrol
  • Washington State Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division

Noise Abatement

The management of Olympia Airport is committed to aircraft operating procedures which minimize noise impact on airport neighbors. Voluntary noise abatement procedures have been established for use and pilots are asked to cooperate to the extent possible.

It is understood that air traffic control instructions and safety considerations may at times require deviation from the suggested procedures.

Voluntary noise abatement procedures have also been established for Seaplane operations at the floating seaplane dock at theSwantown Marina.


Noise Complaints

Flights operations in all nationwide airspace are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As a result, all flight activity above or in the vicinity of Olympia Regional Airport is ultimately FAA responsibility, and not in any way controlled by Olympia Regional Airport or the Port of Olympia. Should there be a concern with either low flying aircraft or aircraft noise, it is recommended that the issue be brought directly to the attention of either the FAA – for all non-military aircraft – and/or Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) – for all military aircraft, including military helicopters.  

For all non-military aircraft, contact the Seattle Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) at this link: Seattle FSDO

  • Scroll down to the “Office Information” Section
  • Click on the “Office Hours/Contact the Office” link to find contact phone number, mailing address, and an email submission form link.
  • Click on the “Low Flying Aircraft or Loud Noise Complaint” link to learn the type of information to provide with your submission/correspondence.

For all military aircraft, please contact JBLM as instructed by the information at this link: Military Noise Complaint

As an option, you are welcome to send a copy of your correspondence to Olympia Regional Airport (airport@portolympia.com) for the Port’s awareness.